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Posted on 03 January 2018

Rachel Alfonso was born in south east Florida but always knew she was a New Yorker at heart. During one of her annual family trips to New York, she was 14 at the time, she was sitting outside a restaurant and turned to her parents and said, “One day I’m going to live here.” From that moment on, she knew it was her destiny.

After graduating from a very prestigious high school, known for its academics and sports programs, Rachel turned down all of her sports scholarships, packed her bags, and moved to New York. Rachel studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and received her degree in Fashion Merchandising Management. Having a very strong work ethic, she went to school and interned full-time. Little did she know that her internship, working as an account executive, would be the platform for her career.

Over the years, Rachel has worked as an account executive where she developed analytical skills and her creativity flourished. She had the opportunity to work with people on all levels, including creating clothing and accessory collections from start to finish.

Rachel was ready to set foot on to a new challenge. After many years working in wholesale, she decided she wanted to conquer the retail side of business. Starting from the bottom and working her way up, within her first year she was rewarded the Leadership award for the New York Metro District. A lot of hard work and dedication brought her a promotion and relocation to southwest Florida, where she became the district manager for seven Macy’s locations. By the end of her first year as a district manager, she was ranked number one in the southeast region. As district manager, she learned to communicate company strategies and direction, as well as taking company execution to the next level through mentoring, coaching, and product knowledge.

From her gained experience and knowledge in both wholesale and retail, she took a leap of faith and opened her own company, GlamVault. 

Her mission with GlamVault and opening her own online retail company, is to bring fashion at an affordable price without compromising high quality merchandise. After just hitting our one-year anniversary, GlamVault has flourished as an online boutique, with an expansion of wholesale collections.

With GlamVault Boutique and GlamVault Wholesale up and running, our new goal is to coach and mentor people and new businesses, whether it’s helping them set up their business, creating customized collections specifically tailored to their customer demographics, and/or teaching entrepreneurs how to grow and expand their current business.

Everything Rachel has accomplished and achieved has been poured right back into GlamVault and what the company stands for. From curating collections of women’s contemporary brands, to encouraging and empowering other businesswomen along the way, GlamVault is passionate about fashion and those who live and breathe it, as much as we do.

In the near future, we are will be launching a new service for you and your company. That service being one-on-one coaching consultations. This service includes, but is not limited to:

A lot goes into creating a successful business/company and it doesn’t happen overnight. So let us make that process a little bit easier for you through one-on-one coaching consultations. Stay tuned for more details regarding this service!

Shipping. Something we all know can be a hassle from time to time. But what if there was an easier way? We would like to soon introduce a Drop Shipping Program for our customers.

It is a retail fulfillment method where we, GlamVault, will house your inventory. Once your customer orders a GlamVault product(s) from your store, we will complete an inspection process of all products purchased. We will then add a special touch with our beautiful and thoughtful packaging/ branding. Finally, we will ship directly to your customer. This program will be save you time and supplies, as well as save you from housing inventory. Be on the lookout for more details involving this new helpful shipping program.

We know keeping your online boutique fresh and full of new inventory is important to you. So here at Glam Vault we will list new items on the daily! Be sure to check out our website every day for new arrivals!

We want to keep you all updated on everything GlamVault is working on! In addition to this blog, we will be introducing a Monthly Newsletter for our subscribers! These newsletters will be chock-full of updates, news, and much more about GlamVault! Be sure to subscribe through our pop-up sign-up form or at the bottom of our website! You don’t want to miss out!

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  • Dawn: January 07, 2018

    You are phenomenal Rachel, and truly inspiring! I look forward to your Drop Shipping Program – that will surely save me from housing inventory and my customers will also be delighted by GlamVault’s beautiful packaging . Congratulations to your new blog! (If you have the chance, please visit mine:

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